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Battery Lithium

Battery Lithium Lifepo4 untuk scooter 12vdc 80 ah

SPESIFIKASI BATTERY LITHIUM LIFEPO4 1.0 Characteristics Model ENBY–14.8V/80Ah Capacity(0.2C5A)80Ah Nominal Voltage  14.8V Max. Charge Voltage 16.8V Discharge Cut-off Voltage 11V (recommended) Working Voltage Scope 16.8V~11V Max. Charge Current 20A Continuous Discharge current 25A Max.Discharge current 80A 3Seconds Weight (Approx.) 6.5Kgs Battery Dimensions  150x135x160mm(LXWXH) Impedance  (Max, at 1000Hz) (Single cell 26650 3.3Ah 8S15P) ≤40mΩ  Cycle Life(80DOD%)>800 Times Self-discharge Rate  ≤3%(month) Charge Method (CC/CV) Standard 10A×8hrs   Quick 20A×4hrs Operating Temperature   Charge 0℃~45℃;32oF~113oF   Discharge -20℃~60℃;-4oF~149oF Read More »

Battery Lithium Lifepo4 untuk sepeda elektrik 48 vdc 16 ah

SPESIFIKASI TEKNIK BATTERY LITHIUM LIFEPO4   Item Specifications Nominal Capacity 16Ah Nominal Voltage 48V Charge Type CC/CV Charge Cut-off Voltage 54.6V Discharge Cut-off Voltage 34.5V Charge current ≤4A Normal working current 15A Maximum working current 30A Pulse Discharge Current 30A 5seconds Battery Weight 4.85Kgs Internal Resistance <50 mΩ Dimensions(L×W×H) 112*68*335mm Battery Cycle Life 1000times 80%DOD Working temperature Charge 0~45 Discharge -20~65 Storage ... Read More »

Battery pack Lithium Lifepo4 untuk pengganti battery elektrik forklift

SPESIFIKASI TEKNIK BATTERY LITHIUM LifePO4 untuk Battery Elektrik Forklift   Item Specifications Nominal Capacity 360AH Nominal Voltage 48V Charge Type CC/CV Charge Cut-off Voltage 58.4V Discharge Cut-off Voltage 40V Nominal Charge current 200A Normal working current ≤300A Pulse discharge current 1000A Cycle life 2000times 80%DOD Weight 600kgs Dimension(L×W×H) 967*602*470mm Working temperature Charge 0°C~45°C Discharge -20°C~60°C Storage temperature One month -20~60 ... Read More »

Battery Lithium Lifepo4 untuk PJU Tenaga Surya

Battery Lithium Lifepo4 12vdc 60 ah desain khusus untuk PJU TENAGA SURYA Spesifikasi teknik Battery Lifepo4 12vdc 60 ah Item Specifications Nominal Capacity 60Ah Nominal Voltage 12V Charge Type CC/CV Charge Cut-off Voltage 14.6V Discharge Cut-off Voltage 10V Normal working current 100A Pulse discharge current 1000A Battery Weight 8.25Kgs Dimensions(L×W×H) 230*174*200/219mm Battery Cycle Life 2000times 80%DOD Working temperature Charge 0~45 ... Read More »

Lithium Battery lifepo4 Pack 24V60ah untuk Agv/ Robot

Battery Lifepo4 untuk robot atau AGV 24 vdc 60 ah Details : * LiFePO4 battery, long serve life * Light, small and easy to install * Environment friendly, no heavy metal * Beautiful appearance, and the sizes are suitable for most of AGVs * Safe: battery packs are strictky assembled and tested according to the standard * Customized lithium battery, ... Read More »

Battery Lithium Ion untuk PJU Tenaga Surya 40 watt

Battery Lithium Ion Dengan Desain yang kompak lithium Ion sangat cocok untuk PJU tenaga surya. Kami memberikan layanan purna jual dengan gransi 1 tahun. Spesifikasi teknik battery Lithium Ion 22.2vdc 35 ah – Tegangan Nominal   : 12 vdc – Kapasitas                    : 35 AH – Dimensi              ... Read More »

Battery Lithium – Ion untuk sistem 24 vdc 30 ah untuk lampu jalan tenaga surya 40 watt atau 60 watt di lengkapi sistem dimming

Spesifikasi Battery Lithium Ion untuk lampu jalan tenaga surya   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION INR Technogy Tipe TN-7s12P Capacity 30Ah Nominal Voltage 25,9 V Full Voltage 28,7 V Empty Voltage 21 V Dimensi 16 L X 26 W X 7 H (cm) Weight 4,7 Kg Temperature 50 °C Normal Working Temperature 0°C- 45°C, <60RH Extended Operating Temperature -20°c-60°C, <60RH Max Number Of ... Read More »