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Battery Haze

Battery VRLA AGM Merk Haze type HZS

Tentang Pabrik Battery VRLA AGM Haze HAZE Battery Company was born of a mixture of Western technology and Eastern work ethic, Western quality concepts with Asian cost effectiveness. The company’s products cover a full range of 2, 4, 6 and 12 Volt Battery VRLA AGM Merk Haze type HZS and Gelled Electrolyte. The company philosophy is to focus on the ... Read More »

Distributor battery haze HZB 12 – 100 untuk UPS

Spesifikasi teknik Battery Haze HZB 12 – 100 AJC® Brand Replacement Haze HZB12-100 Sealed Lead Acid – AGM – VRLA Battery Voltage: 12V (12 Volts) Capacity: 100Ah (100000 mAh) Terminals: NB Chemistry: Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) AJC® Brand Replacement Batteries Length: 13 inches – 306 mm Width: 6.8 inches – 168 mm Height: 8.5 inches – 297 mm Total Height ... Read More »