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Battery Lithium – Ion untuk sistem 24 vdc 30 ah untuk lampu jalan tenaga surya 40 watt atau 60 watt di lengkapi sistem dimming

Spesifikasi Battery Lithium Ion untuk lampu jalan tenaga surya


Tipe TN-7s12P
Capacity 30Ah
Nominal Voltage 25,9 V
Full Voltage 28,7 V
Empty Voltage 21 V
Dimensi 16 L X 26 W X 7 H (cm)
Weight 4,7 Kg
Temperature 50 °C
Normal Working Temperature 0°C- 45°C, <60RH
Extended Operating Temperature -20°c-60°C, <60RH
Max Number Of Modules in parallel No Limit
Life Cycle DOD 50% : 800 cycles*
Maximum Cycle More Than 4.000 Cycle
(Dependens On DOD, Working temperature , SOC)
Packing Softpack
1. Design for long-Deep Discharger & fast charge environment ,
Ideal For Solar Panel or Intermittent Power Suply
2. Suitable for typical equator temperatur range (25oC-40oC)
3. Light weight and space-saving (Compare to lead)
4. Easily put inside customer enclosure
5. Compatible with typical 25,9 V float for system PJU, PLTS , System
Solar Home And Traffic Light
6. Battery  Management System (BMS) include
7. Integrated Alarm status (Optional)
8. Extended warranty for 3 – years in normal operation (special project)
* Extended life available


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  1. MH Joelparisi

    Punya Zippy 8400mAh LiFePo4 battery? Kalau ada sekalian chargernya

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