Fitur Umum

  • Tegangan   : 12vdc/ 2 vdc
  • Kapasitas   : 60 ah – 3000 ah
  • Elektrolit nano gas silica
  • Plate Positif untuk tubular tahan karat dan tahan goncongan
  • Internasional sistem dengan pengisian GEL
  • Bisa buat aplikasi semua sistem yang cycling

OPzV dengan Tubular Gel ini adalah teknologi barau dengan basik SLA konvensional, yang mana mempunyai improvisasi dengan penilitian dan pengembangan yang praktis. OPzV menggunakan gas yang silica dengan elektroli dan penggantian sulfure dengan elektrolik yang konvensionaldengan yang lebih solid.

OPzV Tubular Gel (solid-state) battery is a new battery technology based on traditional lead-acid battery, which has been improved through technology research and development and countless practices. OPzV uses gas-phase nano silica as electrolyte to replace the sulfuric acid electrolyte of traditional lead-acid battery to form colloidal medium and then solidify. It not only ensures excellent conductivity, but also completely eliminates the leakage and volatilization of electrolyte, so as to prolong the service life of the battery and reduce the maintenance cost. The Battery is designed and manufactured according to DIN standards and with die-casting positive grid and patent formula of active material. OPzV series exceeds DIN standard values with 20~25 years floating design life at 25℃ and is even more suitable for cyclic use under extreme operating conditions.

Advantages of OPzV solid-state lead-acid battery in energy storage application


Nano gas-phase silica solid-state electrolyte, 100% solid-state;

Material safety: positive and negative electrodes, separators, electrolytes and other materials are fire and explosion-proof;

EMS intelligent control management: ensure that the temperature rise of the battery does not exceed 40 ℃ and no thermal runaway.

Environmental Protection and Recycling

  1. No discharge of waste water, waste gas, waste residue, etc. during manufacturing;
  2. The waste battery can be 100% recycled.

High Efficiency and Good Profitability

  1. Low cost of kilowatt hour electricity, with a long design life of 25 years;
  2. The charge discharge efficiency is more than 94%.

Wide Application Range

Energy storage of wind and solar power generation, peak and frequency regulation of power grid, virtual power plant, peak valley price difference and power guarantee;

Energy security for rural areas, charging pile + energy storage, UPS + energy storage, thermal power plant + energy storage, pumped energy storage + solid-state energy storage, etc.

Multiple Layer Construction

Can be stacked in multiple layers, the energy storage density per unit area can be 100% higher than that of other batteries.


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