Battery Lithium – Ion Untuk PJU Tenaga Surya 14.8 VDC 60 ah untuk lampu 40 watt

Spesifikasi Battery Lithium Ion 12 vdc 30 ah  ( 2 blok)

Tipe TN-4s24p
Capacity 60Ah
Nominal Voltage 14,8V
Full Voltage 16,4V
Empty Voltage 12 V
Dimensi 18 L X 26 W X 7 H (cm)
Weight 5,3 Kg
Temperature 50 °C
Normal Working Temperature 0°C- 45°C, <60RH
Extended Operating Temperature -20°c-60°C, <60RH
Max Number Of Modules in parallel No Limit
Life Cycle DOD 50% : 800 cycles*
Maximum Cycle More Than 4.000 Cycle
(Dependens On DOD, Working temperature , SOC)
Packing Softpack
1. Design for long-Deep Discharger & fast charge environment ,
Ideal For Solar Panel or Intermittent Power Suply
2. Suitable for typical equator temperatur range (25oC-40oC)
3. Light weight and space-saving (Compare to lead)
4. Easily put inside customer enclosure
5. Compatible with typical 14,8  V float for system PJU, PLTS , System
Solar Home And Traffic Light
6. Battery  Management System (BMS) include
7. Integrated Alarm status (Optional)
8. Extended warranty for 3 – years in normal operation (special project)
* Extended life available

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