Charger Battery Elektrik Forklift

Charger Battery Elektrik Forklift

MICROPROCESSOR CONTROLLED Charger Battery Elektrik Forklift

Charger Battery Elektrik ForkliftThe RTM2 / RPM2 charger is available as 400/230V, 50/60 Hz,

three phase input model and 230V, 50/60 Hz,

single phase input model.

The unit is suited to the recharging needs of lead acid traction batteries.


Technical Specifications Charger Battery Elektrik Forklift

  • WA charging mode, in compliance with curve DIN 41774
  • recharge time as low as 8hours, making it suitable for multishift operations, and up to 11h for overnight charging
  • start delay: diagnostics check for correct battery and state of battery
  • pre-charging mode (1h); detection system ensuring prevention of overcharging and charge inhibit for excessively overdischarged batteries
  • desulphating charge
  • proportional Charge
  • Pulsed equalising mode
  • maintenance charge
  • microprocessor controlled and multi-voltage pc board
  • charging progress display
  • all stages are monitored and covered by security systems
  • reliability and quality gained from years of design experience

Pre-Charging: preventing overcharging of fully charged batteries and inhibit charge for over discharged batteries.
Bulk charge: battery is charged until the gassing voltage (2,40 VPC). Proportional Charge: gassing charged duration governed by Bulk charge duration, to compensate for the degree of discharge. Equalising: bringing all cells to a fully charged condition; equalising mode will follow the end of charge. Maintenance Charge: maintaining the battery in a fully charged condition when it is stood out of service.

Off switch: the unit is automatically switched off by pushing the button. Charging cannot be resumed. Overall charge time: 13h charging if charger sequence malfunctions. Malfunction of charging sequence is indicated by illumination of a red diode. RPM2/RTM2 is protected against faults or incorrect battery connection. The unit incorporates a self-diagnostic system in the event of the following:

  • overdischarged battery detection
  • battery disconnect shutdown
  • thermal cut-out
  • maintenance charge shutdown
  • phase failure detection

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