Charger Battery Forklift 48VDC 100ampere Termurah

Charger Battery Forklift 48VDC 100Ampere

Spesifikasi Teknik Charger battery forklift 48vdc 100ampere dengan inputan 3 phase di desain khusus untuk pengisian battery traction.

  • Energic plus battery chargers have been designed to charge Pb batteries. These units convert the AC input voltage to a DC voltage at the correct level, in order to charge the battery cells. These battery chargers are fully automatic, and they are controlled by a microprocessor based electronic board. The entire charge sequence is monitored by the microprocessor, that is programmed to manage all the possible operating conditions:
    • Automatic start on battery connection, with 5 seconds delay to avoid sparks between the connectors;
    • Automatic shutdown on battery disconnection;
    • Adaptive algorithm for charge time calculation;
    • Wrong battery detection;
    • Automatic weekly equalization charge;
    • Two emergency timers for battery protection.
  • Standart Charger Battery Forklift 48vdc 100amper [Wa]
    • The charge current follows the Wa curve, as defined by the Standard DIN 41774.
    • After some hours, depending by the conditions of the battery, when the battery’s voltage reaches the “gassing” value (2,4 Volt per cell), the LED “FINAL CHARGE” starts to flash and the charge continues.
    • The charge current follows the WoWa curve, as described by the Standard DIN 41773.The reduction of the charge time is achieved byapplying a higher current during the first period of charge. When the “gassing” voltage is reached, the current value is reduced to avoid overheats in the battery, and the charge continues in the same way of standard Wa models.

Sistem pengisian battery charger ini dengan kondisi cepat dan fast charger sehingga bisa mengisi dengan sangat cepat. Charger 100 ampere ini bisa di buat mulai battery berkapasitas 600 ah sampai 1000 ah dengan kecepatan 5 sampai 10 jam dengan kondisi kosong. Kami memberikan garansi resmi pabrik apabila terjadi kerusakan. Silahkan hubungi kami di no 081330066767 untuk kecepatan respon.

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