DIstributor Charger Battery Elektrik Froklift

Untuk kebutuhan charger battery elektrik forklift di Indonesia DBSN menjadi pelopor untuk pengadaan charger battery elektrik forklift. Kami menyediakan mulai 24 vdc, 48 vdc, 72 vdc mulai 30 ampere sampai 120 ampere.

Spesifikasi teknik Charger Battery Elektrik Forklift

Nuova Elettra merrupakan salah satu pabrikan charger untuk elektrik forklift dengan standaart kualitas tingga dan harga sangat murah.

Nuova Eletrra berkomitmen  mendesain yang hebat dan harga sesuai charger dengan kwalitas international.

Kami mendesasin semua model charger untuk di semua industri dengan sangat memperhatikan anda


  1. Nuova Elettra M+48 – 100 ( 48 vdc – 100 A) Cocok untuk Battery di atas 500 Ah
  2. Nuova Eletrra M+48 – 60  ( Cocok untuk battery elektrik foklift diatas 300 ah )

Technical specifications

  • Available as 3Ph 400/230V and 1Ph 230V Input Voltage, 50-60 Hz
  • Wsa charging mode
  • Superb battery care.
  • Engineered for one or two shift operations
  • Fail safe design
  • Quality built for years of trouble-free service
  • Start delay: diagnostics check for correct battery and state of battery
  • Selectable delayed start to take advantage of off-peak electricity.
  • Charging pattern based on charge factor calculation.
  • Equalising and Maintenance charge.
  • Pre-Charging mode; monitoring system ensuring prevention of overcharging
  • Facility to adjust: – charge factor – gassing voltage – start delay – equalisation charge duration
  • Double security timer
  • Multi-Voltage controller (24-80V)
  • Alpha/Numeric display: key information including total voltage, charge current, amps returned, accumulated charge time and diagnostics
  • Thermal cut-out
  • Led’s indicating charge in progress
  • 96V and 120V available on request
  • All stages are monitored and covered by security systems
  • A high reliability design with easy access for adjustement or repair

Brosur charger battery forklift merk Nuova Elettra klik disini

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One comment

  1. Hi,

    I have buy a Microplus with these reference ;
    P/Nummer : 99008188
    Type/Model: MICROPLUS
    Ah : 505-625

    V ~/~3 : 230/400
    KW : 11.200

    But the motherboard has some components that are burned.
    So, I can’t identify component to replace them.

    Please, do you have a schema of electronic board (of this microplus model) with these component, so I can identify the exact component to replace ?
    or perhaps some photo of the board (where we can see color of component to identify them)


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