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Battery Panasonic 12v 17 ah

Spesifikasi teknik Battery UPS Panasonic 12v 17 ah



12V 17 AH Century SLA Battery. Panasonic VRLA SLA batteries are a range of superior high quality, high performance, multi-purpose batteries designed to provide dependable primary and back-up power in domestic and commercial applications. Valve Regulated Lead Acid.

Nominal Voltage 12V
Rated Capacity 20h 17Ah
Terminal M5 threaded post Bolt and Nut type
Capacity (25degC) 20h Rate: 17Ah, 10h Rate: 15Ah, 5h Rate: 13Ah, 1h Rate: 10Ah
Internal Resistance (25degC) Fully Charged Battery: 12 mΩ
Temp. dependency of capacity (20h rate) 40 ℃: 102%, 25 ℃: 100%, 0 ℃: 85%, -15 ℃: 65%
Self Discharge (25degC) After 3 Months: 91%, After 6 Months: 82%, After 12 Months: 64%
Dimensions (H x W x L) 167 x 76 x 181mm (Total Height: 167 mm)
Weight (kg) 5.85

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