Battery Forklift GS Yuasa

Traction Battery Forklift GS Yuasa

Traction batteries are used to propel battery-powered electric vehicles such as forklifts, electric golf carts, ride-on floor scrubbers, mining locomotives and a whole host of other vehicles.

Our traction batterie Forklift GS Yuasa are some of the highest quality batteries to be found worldwide. The technology, designed by Yuasa, employs our original glass fiver tubes and is a unique differentiator, while still meeting our customer’s more basic requirements of a long service life, stable quality and of course, easy maintenance.

Battery Forklift GS Yuasa proBattery Forklift GS Yuasaduct lineups.

  • V series up o 1080AH at the 5 hour rate.
  • EB grand star series up to 160Ah at the 5 hour rate.
  • GC series up to 200Ah at the 5 hour rate.

V Series Batteries

V series batteries are Yuasa’s best sellers and are well known for their high performance and unsurpassed long service life.

Not only forklift manufacturers, but also battery dealers choose our products based on the specific demands of end users in the market. Yuasa makes both JIS type and DIN type batteries.

GY JIS : Widely accepted by global forklift manufacturers for its quality.

GY DIN : Popular for tubular type DIN with a long cycle life.

Vent plugs are not just “caps” anymore!

Vent plug are the caps on each individual battery cell, they are used to secure the electrolyte and replenish the distilled water.

We’ve made improvements by adding floats inside the plugs which indicate to our customers the current level of electrolyte.

The mechanism is very simple. If there is enough electrolyte in the cell, the indicators will pop up when the customer opens the transparent cover. But if the indicator does not appear, then the customer will need to add more water.

At Yuasa, we’re not only trying to extend the life of our batteries but we’re also trying to improve the general usability of our products.

Tubular plates prolong your Battery life!

Traction batteries are used in harsh environments with extremes of high and low temperatures, and sometimes under heavy duty.

Despite this, Yuasa has succeeded in extending the battery life by adopting glass fiber tubes for the positive plates.

Plastic fiber was once a popular material for the possitive plates. However, we now use glass fiber because this keeps the active material leekage to a minimum.

We also carried out cycle life tests on our batteries at high temperature (60°C) and confirmed that our products have a cycle life over 250 higher than other manufacturers batteries under identical conditions.

Discharge Characteristics of a Forklift Truck Storage Battery

Each hour rate (for example) Just after fully charging, Battery temperature: 30°C, Discharge rate C: Rated one.

Relationship between Discharge rate and Capacity

From the diagram above, the value of current (A) for different discharge rates of a storage battery with a 5-hour rate capacity of 400 Ah is shown below:

5-hour rate (5 HR) = 400Ah/5 = 80 A

3-hour rate (3 HR) = 400Ah x 0.85/3 = 113A

2-hour rate (2 HR) = 400Ah x 0.75/2 = 150A

1-hour rate (1 HR) = 400Ah x 0.6/1 = 240A

As you can see from the above description, the more often the forklift is used for lifting or the more often it’s operated high speed, the shorter the available working time of the storage battery becomes.

Relationship between Temperature and Battery Capacity

As you can see from the diagram above, the actual available working time of a forklift truck battery is shorter in winter than in summer. This is especially true in a refrigerated warehouse, where the actual available working time of the battery is noticeably shortened due to the high frequency of lifting (which required a great deal of electric current).

To counteract this problem, we recommend charging any battery which will be used in winter or will be used in a refrigerated warehouse to a slightly overcharged condition and to also warm up its temperature in advance (the most suitable battery temperature in this case seems to be about 30°C).

Life of a Clad-Type Storage Battery Forklift GS Yuasa

Although it depends on the specific use case and the operating conditions of each forklift truck, the life of the storage battery is in most cases described by its number of durable years of use or by the number of charging and discharging cycles it is capable of before the battery capacity decreases to between 60% and 80% of the original rating.

Although the life of a storage battery depends heavily on these conditions, it can be expected to be as long as up to about 4 years of use or up to about 1.200 charging and discharging cycles in normal use, whichever comes first.

The following information make us find your solution faster!!!

  • Brand and model of your equipment.
  • Voltage and capacity of the assembled batteries.
  • Dimension of battery cells.
  • Size of steel trays.
  • Arrangement of cells
  • Extra plug type

Introduction of  Battery Forklift GS Yuasa

  1. Vent Plugs
    Caps of the cells and user are able to see the electrolyte level by checking the float on the plug.
  2. Lead Cables
    Cables that connect the cells and plugs.
  3. Plugs
    Parts that connect the batteries and electric vehicles.
  4. Level Sensors
    Sensors that indicate the electrolyte level.
  5. Connectors
    Parts used to connect the cells with each other.
    *Connector in the picture is for JIS battery.
  6. Connector Covers
    Parts used to cover the connector.

Yuasa Standard Auto Filling System

Tired of replenishing the distilled water yourself? Relax thats why we have F88

As you use a battery, the distilled water evaporates and you have to add waer to each cell in order to maintain the proper level of electrolyte. To save your money, using an auto filling system would be the right choice.

The operation is very simple, you just need to connect the tubes from the water tank to the battery, and let the water flow until the indicator shows there’s now enough water in the cells.


  • Saves money
    You can check the water level through the cap and make sure that no cells are withering away. As a result, the battery stays in a better condition.
  • Save time and energy
    You no longer need to pour the water into each cell one by one and the filling process only takes a couple of minutes.

Yuasa Superior Auto Filling System

Take a close loot at the F11 (b:stop) spec. You wont find anything better!

F11, also known as b:stop, our battery watering system, is a new type of auto filling system. We’ve made the following improvements to allow high pressure filling and make it resistant to higher temperatures.

Designed to reduce the acid mist dispersion.

The construction allows high pressure filling from a tank up to 13-m high and shortens the replenishing time.
*Tank : 30 – 60 sec W/pump : 10 sec

Made of Polypropylene and resistant up to 100°C, so suitable for heavy duty users.


  • Fast water injection
    Complete auto-filling within 1 minute.
  • User friendly design
    Stops when the filling process is completed.
  • Splash-proof structure
    No splashing while charging. Removes the gas.
  • Excellent heat performance
    Through the adoption of new materials, is now resistant up to 100°


  1. Avoid overdischarging
    Overdischarging will shorten the life of your battery. You must avoid driving until the very last moment when your vehicle can no longer move.
  2. Avoid overcharging
    Overcharging will also shorten the life of your battery. The battery must be charged using the proper method.
  3. Avoid the battery overheating.
    Always keep the temperature of the electrolyte below 60°
  4. Keep the electrolyte level at the proper height.
    The electrolyte level will gradually get lower when the battery is being used. When the electrolyte level decreases, fill up with distilled water straight away.
  5. Fire is strictly probihited.
    Since hydrogen and oxygen are released through the vent plugs of the battery always keep the battery away from fire.
  6. Keep the battery clean and dry.
    Keep the outside of the battery clean and dry to prevent leakage and corrosion.

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