Battery Gel Leoch OPZV untuk PLTS Komunal

Battery Gel Leoch Type OPZV
Battery Leoch membuat aplikasi plts komunal dengan tekntubular dan Elektrolit GEL mulai 2 volt sampai 2000 ah.
Spesifikasi Battery Leoch OPzV 2v 1000 ah
  1. Completely sealing throughout the batteries life.
  2. Service life up to 18-20 years in continuous float operation down to approx 80% capacity.
  3. Gel electrolyte.
  4. Low gassing thanks to antimony-free alloy and internal oxygen recombination.
  5. Minimum space required and room requirements are minimal e.g. no washing facilities needed, ventilation requirements are minimal.
  6. Easy to move and handle.
  7. Easy install using cable connectors with insulated terminal covers.
  8. Ready for immediate use without further commissioning work.
  9. Can be supplied as a standard vertical installation or by special request, for a horizontal installation.
  10. Very low self-discharge <50% of rated capacity in 2 years at 20 ℃ ambient temperature.
  11. High cyclic ability over 600 cycles when discharged at 10 hour rate to an end voltage of 1.8Volt/cell at 20℃ .
  12. Deep discharge protected, a load can be connected to the battery for up to 4 weeks.
  13. No internal short circuits possible due to the gel structure.
  14. No acid stratification, so noequalizing charge necessary.

Aplikasi Battery GEL Leoch OPZV :

  1. Telecommunications
  2. Radio and cellular telephone relay stations
  3. Emergency lighting systems
  4. Power stations, Conventional power stations, alternative power (solar, wind)
  5. Large UPS and computer back-up
  6. Railway signalling
  7. Maritime standby power on ships and ashore
  8. Process and control engineering
  9. Standby power
  10. Buoy lighting

Setiap aplikasi plts komunal menggunakan sistem 48vdc dengan dengan beberapa sistem blok sehingga bisa membackup battery PLTS Terpusat. Sistem ini biasanya menggunakan kapasitas 5 kwp sampai 15 kwp sehingga bisa membackup semua kebutuhan energi listrik untuk 100 kk dengan utama untuk lampu saja.

Penggunaan ini bisa sangat bagus untuk proyek pemerintah yang sangat mendukung Indonesia terang.

Brosur Battery Leoch 10OPzV21000 klikdisini

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